Case Studies

Who we work with and what we've achieved


Case Studies

Who we work with and what we've achieved

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Challenge: M&S needed to build trust and High Performance Teamwork quickly following the creation of a complex, strategic partnership with one of their competitive suppliers. M&S recognised that in order for the partnership to deliver the considerable business benefits they knew it could, the two companies needed to work as ONE TEAM.  

Action: Transition 15 created a programme with M&S that developed commitment to the principles of High Performance Teamwork, a charter of behaviours and a 30, 60, 90-day action plan to which individuals and groups were held accountable.

Results: Bath University research described this as 'the best example of bringing a company and its suppliers together effectively' that they have ever seen.

  • Running cost reduction of £18m in 18 months
  • Establishment and ownership of the ONE TEAM culture and ethos
  • An own brand Way of Working

When faced with the significant challenge of needing to rapidly achieve cultural change and build trust between new and unfamiliar strategic partners the results have exceeded my expectations. We could not have done this without Transition 15.
— Jason Keegan, Head of General Merchandising, M&S

Challenge: To effect a reduction in the total no. of suppliers from over 260 down to 9 strategic suppliers and 7 preferred suppliers and to improve relationships and ways of working with cost and time efficiencies.

Action: Transition 15 ran a number of High Performance workshops with VISA and their main suppliers (including IBM, BT, Microsoft, ORACLE).


  • Contracting and procurement time reduced by 50%
  • Spend with strategic supplier increased from 67% to 84%
  • Strategic alignment and preservation of IPR
  • Reduced 267 suppliers down to 18 who do 80% of the work for VISA Europe
  • Considerable reduction in time managing suppliers
  • Reduced time to market for new products

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Challenge: To improve the strategic business and strategic supplier relationship between Novia and key suppliers in order to secure a significant contact. It was taking too long to get things delivered, there was frustration with a negative effect on costs, efficiency and motivation.

Action: 48hrs High Performance Teamwork intervention that improved the relationship and way of working between Novia and its strategic supplier. A behaviours charter and 30-day action plan that unlocked potential, clarified roles and brought rigour and accountability. 

Results:  Through a greater understanding of each others' businesses, cohesion and teamwork, Novia secured a strategically important contract which will generate a substantial seven figure sum in profit.

This HPT intervention has yielded the best result for the effort by a country mile.
— Richard Denning, Operations Director, Novia Financial Services

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Challenge: Long-lasting frustration between two internal companies; the parent company needed them to collaborate and deliver results more quickly and cheaply.

Action: Transition 15 designed a High Performance Teamwork exercise to enable the two teams to develop an understanding and tolerance for each other plus as agreed set of solutions.


  • Establishment of a common goal
  • Improved relationships
  • Agreed way of working
  • Enhanced sense of collaboration between the companies
  • All round improvement in delivery time, reduced cost and less management time dealing with differences
  • Companies have subsequently merged, which was difficult to imagine before the intervention