Our Clients

The results have exceeded my expectations. We could not have done this without Transition 15.
— Jason Keegan, Head of General Merchandising, M&S

Challenge: M&S needed to build trust and High Performance Teamwork quickly following the creation of a complex, strategic partnership with one of their competitive suppliers. M&S knew there was potential value in the relationship - they just needed to find a way to access it.

Action: Transition 15 co-designed a programme with M&S that developed commitment to the principles of High Performance Teamwork, a charter of behaviours and a 30, 60, 90-day action plan to which individuals and groups were held accountable.

Results: Bath University research described this as 'the best example of bringing a company and its suppliers together effectively' that they have ever seen.

  • Running cost reduction of £22m in 18 months

  • Establishment and ownership of the ONE TEAM culture and ethos

  • An own brand Way of Working


Challenge: To streamline suppliers from 260 down to 9 strategic suppliers and 7 preferred suppliers and to improve relationships and ways of working with cost and time efficiencies.

Action: Transition 15 ran a number of High Performance workshops with VISA and their main suppliers (including IBM, BT, Microsoft, ORACLE).


  • Contracting and procurement time reduced by 50%

  • Spend with strategic supplier increased from 67% to 84%

  • Strategic alignment and preservation of IPR

  • Reduced 267 suppliers down to 18 who do 80% of the work for VISA Europe

  • Considerable reduction in time managing suppliers

  • Reduced time to market for new products

This HPT intervention has yielded the best result for the effort by a country mile.
— Richard Denning, Operations Director, Novia Financial Services

Challenge: To improve strategic relationships between Novia and key suppliers in order to secure a significant contract. It was taking too long to get things delivered, there was frustration with a negative effect on costs, efficiency and motivation.

Action: 48hrs High Performance Teamwork intervention that improved the relationship and way of working between Novia and its strategic supplier. A behaviours charter and 30-day action plan that unlocked potential, clarified roles and brought rigour and accountability. 

Results:  Through a greater understanding of each others' businesses, cohesion and teamwork, Novia secured a strategically important contract which will generate a substantial seven figure sum in profit.